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Press Release FAQs

how to write press releases, where to distribute them
by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

In 2000 I used to get lots of questions from PRs and marketers asking for basic information on what they should be doing. That's why I published this faqs page - which originally also included a list of PR newswire distribution services.

I've removed the directory of newswires - because in 201X - their role has diminished due to competition from social media and Google news aggregation.

As a working news editor and industry analyst I rarely/ never look at newswires. They're irrelevant to my needs. My day is busy enough without them.

If you've got a news story - find a publication which might be interested and contact them directly.

Or if your story is within the flow of the digital streams that your ideal editors swim in - and if it's important - then it will surface due to its own merits.
"PR is the news equivalent of search engine optimization; instead of buying ads, which readers ignore, you get yourself inserted directly into the stories." - from Paul Graham's article "The Suit is Back!"
These are real editor suggested links, about press release writing and distribution, and not cunningly disguised Google ads.
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