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ACSL Launches MarketingViews, a Resource Site for Switched On IT Marketers

Baughurst, UK, November 19, 2001 - ACSL, publisher of and the SPARC Product Directory today announced the launch of a new web publication, called MarketingViews ( aimed at marketers in IT companies in the US and UK. MarketingViews will contain directories of useful marketing resources and articles aimed to help marketers become more effective at all aspects of electronic marketing.

Commenting on the need for the new reference site, publisher Zsolt Kerekes, said "Selecting the type of information to into the launch edition of MarketingViews was influenced by most common questions which I've been asked by thousands of sales and marketing people in one-on-one communications during the last ten years. The future direction will be determined as in our other publications by reader questions and by analysing the statistics of what readers find most interesting."

The launch edition of MarketingViews includes information from ACSL's existing marketing sites, such as lists of market research companies, high-tech PR agencies and press release distribution services and new articles about electronic marketing which have not appeared anywhere else before.

Kerekes continued "The readership we're trying to attract is at the upper end of the management scale, such as VP's of marketing, business unit managers and presidents of computer companies, who already use the marketing resources on our other sites. Most marketing sites I've seen are pitched at too low a level, are too theoretical or are just out of date and plain wrong. Most emarketing books and web sites talk about tactics which worked circa 1997, which aren't relevant in 2001 and will seriously harm your marketing outcomes if you adopt them today. MarketingViews will provide strategic advice based on business models which work in today's IT market and which look forward, extrapolating from the trends we observe from the vast amount of content and statistics which flow through our online computer publications. We'll also feature original new articles from leading marketing gurus who will write specifically for the new publication."

MarketingViews header
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Editor's notes:- MarketingViews had an earlier conception in 1996 as an ezine and web publication which offered practical advice about direct marketing to users of ACSL's and other publishers' IT snail mailing lists. However in 1996 ACSL transitioned its SPARC Product Directory from a print publication over to the web, and discontinued selling mailing lists the year after. We suspended MarketingViews in 1997 because it no longer met the needs of our customers at that time and we were unable to find enough content from marketers who had practical experience in electronic marketing.

The new launch edition of MarketingViews includes a two year marketing news archive and some other content compiled by the current editor, which was first used on the web site of a marketing services company run by one of ACSL's non executive directors who has now founded a larger marketing company with a different web site.

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