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Captain Feary recommends that you see the home page of Marketing Views for something more useful tan what you'll find here
Captain Feary's contracts always included
the Splash! penalty clause - in which
marketing consultants agreed to walk the
plank and feed the sharks if their "so called"
Brilliant! ideas didn't work.

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The quarlity of these here web marketing news links - truth to tell - they'm b'ain't be as good as what they used to be.

Me hearties... Jim lad.

They was getting so old like... much like my old parrot Poll - it were a blessing in disguise when she done departed.

So I done deleted them.

I been told to say - and I been paid - so I will say it.

"For a list of recommended web marketing resource sites and articles - please visit our home page."

If you think that might be any better - then go ahead and click on it.

It can't be any worse than the old rubbish marketing links they's a had here afore this many a long year...
with them nasty black cobwebs hanging orff of 'em. FAQs for connected IT marketers