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Marketing Views lists web marketing sites and articles which I think are helpful for marketers in the enterprise end of the high tech server, chip and storage markets.

Who am I? - Zsolt Kerekes - the SPARC storage goblin guy. It doesn't really matter who I am - or how you pronounce or spell my name - or where it came from. It's what I've been doing that might mean Marketing Views can assist you.

I've been an editor and publisher in the enterprise computer markets for 20 years and since 1996 have made my living solely by selling ads in my own online computer buyers guides - initially the SPARC Product Directory and latterly (since 1998)

Marketing Views started as a faqs resource to help the thousands of marketers and PR people I communicated with to interface better with me as a publisher and my readers - and just as important - to improve their own web presences with their own readers.

It would be too simplistic to call my interests B2b (business to business) - and too grand to state that many of my customers are world leaders at what they do. But that gives you the general slant of my interests. What I'm not about and have never been involved in - is consumer marketing. I don't like consumer marketing. I rate it lowly and I'm not interested in its frills and pretensions.

My day to day interests as an editor are about interfacing better with serious minded professional readers who need to make the best judgements they can for the enterprises they work for. They care about what they do and they care about understanding what's happening in the confuisng technical markets they operate in. If I can satisfy the needs of high quality people in the storage market - then I've got some of the critical assets which make a good online advertising business. The other things I need to do are create content - attract advertisers who get great results and low churn - and all of that is done online. I don't do meetings. All my customer interactions are electronic and over 98% are online. (I don't like to waste too much time on the phone.)

Articles linked on the Marketing Views site will help you improve your understanding and results on the web whether if you are a one person company - or if your quaterly revenue is many billions of dollars. If you start clicking you'll get the general idea.

What's the business plan for Marketing Views?

You'd think that after 15 years online I would have thought of one by now. But I don't run ads on this site. The closest idea I have to a plan is this...

From time to time I remind myself about the links on this site and update them. That makes me better at managing my day job (revenue earning web site). If it wasn't for the articles here on Marketing Views I wouldn't still have a web business. Dipping into the links here on Marketing Views you will see a wide range of ideas from experts at online marketing - and a lot of musings from me too.

Web marketing is very simple. But it's very complicated too. That's the fascination.
  • linkedin profile for Janet Downes - founder Downes Strategic Marketing - who has trained and coached thousands of marketers, product managers and directors in the world's biggest companies. Janet is too busy to write for Marketing Views - but she discusses high tech marketing with the editor nearly every day - from whatever country she happens to be working in at the time.

Here are some of my web marketing articles

  • Customers Search Differently - customers (who want to find suppliers and buy stuff) search differently to marketers (who want to promote their companies and sell stuff). That's why most search marketing misses the best targets.
  • What's a Good Click Rate for a Banner Ad? - what you learn from testing banner ads - often results in you having to change the way you talk about your company in other places... your web site, your PR. Leaving this important task in the hands of graphics designers is lunacy. ...Later:- in 2010 - I updated this popular article to compare how banners compare to Google ads.
  • Press Release Errors I see every day - as an editor - I have to disregard zillions of press releases, which vendors have paid good money to their agencies to write and distribute. Here's why.
  • PR Strategies: Remember, the web has no memory! - Can you remember what your home page looked like back in 1996? Maybe you think that's not important right now. Like global warming, you suspect there may be some problems accumulating somewhere because of all this web stuff, but it's only when your house gets flooded, you really start to believe in it.
  • Think of Web Ads as Signposts - they can lead the right people to your destination. But give them a credible message so that the brain follows the mouse click for sound business reasons. Ideally the ad should also signal to the wrong type of customer they can filter themselves out at this point and not waste their time and yours by following this path.
  • what's the life of a web page? - I look at the economics of online content. Does Google calculate ROI on the cost of indexing different web pages? - That's something I talk about too.
Here are some of my data storage articles

  • the SSD market adoption model - first published in 2003 and then updated in 2005 this is the business case analysis which helped to transform thinking in leading SSD companies to create the market revolution that is still underway.
  • this way to the Petabyte SSD - looks in detail at the technical and business market cases for a new class of SSD - and describes the datacenter storage model in 2016.
  • the future of enterprise data storage It's 2020 in the datacenter of a leading content factory. We used to call these companies broadcasters - "...the only spinning devices in the storage cabinets will be the cooling fans."
Here are some of my articles from the SPARC Product Directory

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